Environmental Graphic Design

interior finishes

We work with interior designers, architects, facility managers and manufacturers to create abstract textures for products and architectural settings.


We have a deep understanding of the human experience with finishes and colour in various settings to create unique emotional experiences and connections with people. 

We look at environments in a holistic way and listen carefully to our client’s requirements. We specialise in workplace, health & aged care, education, cultural and retail environments.  ​


Product Design

meaningful encounters

Using graphic texture to communicate function, narrative or style is our forte. We have created design collections for glass film, acoustic panelling, wallpaper, rugs and fabrics thus far and constantly consult with manufacturers on how else our textures can be materialised.


Talk to us, if you wish to create a new product range or a customised corporate gift with a visual story.

We're thinking yoga mat, beach throw, silk scarfs, laptop bags or surfboards. 


Way-finding & Signage Design

directional signage

Ensure your project has mastered the art of intuitive orientation so that visitors are comfortable at all times.


Next to creating interior elements that identify key locations, we also create and document integrated way-finding packages ready for tender and construction. 

This includes statutory signage package based on latest building code requirements for maximum inclusion for people with vision impairment or disabilities.   


Identity Design

brand strategy

Identity is the sum of qualities, beliefs, personality, looks and expressions that make a person or group. We believe in celebrating unique identities and embrace different thinking. 


Once we have identified which unique aspects are relevant to your audience, we create a narrative which is told through various channels and re-inforced in most subtle ways.


A brand does not simply mean a logo. We create design solutions at every touch point in order to create a seamless customer experience.  

Office with Artboard - LAVA - Kilimanjao


Art &
Colour Strategy

creative narrative

Art in health aims to improve patient, staff and carer experience in health services through artistic engagement.


By providing more vibrant treatment spaces with a less clinical feel, social inclusion and perceptions of care quality have also been shown to increase among patients.

Art in workplace and education, if integrated strategically will ensure your vision and values are communicated through a creatively appealing way.