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SOUL collection

Original paintings by STUDIO Z’s founder, Eva Krane, were photographed and interpreted through all available colourways and finishes, including canvases, wall coverings, glass films and fabrics.

Eva found mindfulness, meditation and painting to be inspiring ways to find new directions and inner stillness. ‘I’m interested in colour combinations and contrasts, and expression with pigment in its purest form – paint’.

It’s time to add soul to your project…

The soul is a living being’s incorporeal essence.


Pneuma means ‘breath’ in Ancient Greek or ‘soul’. It comprises spirit, consciousness, perception, character, feeling, reason or memory. It confers individuality and humanity, synonymous with the mind or self, our very core.Depending on the philosophy, soul can be mortal or immortal. Buddhists believe there is no permanent self or soul, rather an energy being reborn. Artworks convey emotional memories and set the mood for intriguing, inspiring and meaningful commercial art in architecture and interiors. 

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